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LUBRISYN the oral joint supplement Quart

LUBRISYN the oral joint supplement Quart

Product Description

LUBRISYN the oral joint supplement Quart
LubriSyn is so much more than an ordinary oral joint supplement. When you use LubriSyn, you get the same natural joint protection used by champions in thoroughbred racing, dressage, hunter-jumping, roping, barrel racing, cutting, reining, western pleasure, the dog show ring and more!

What makes LubriSyn a joint necessity? Our unique higher molecular weight formula ensures the integrity of synovial fluid the key component for the protection and lubrication of the joints of the equine athlete, backyard companion, or your beloved pet.

What is LubriSyn? Hyaluronic acid (HA) occurs naturally in the joints of all mammals. LubriSyn is an oral form of HA administered daily to maintain consistent levels in the body. LubriSyn maintains joint health, quickly increasing mobility and sustaining joint stability. Using LubriSyn on a daily basis translates into improved performance and quality of life for your horse.

Why use LubriSyn? When horses train and exercise the synovial fluid in their joints breaks down more quickly. A daily dose of LubriSyn helps restore the viscosity of that cushioning fluid. As horses age, they suffer the loss of HA levels, increasing the potential for inflammation and arthritis. LubriSyn sustains the integrity of joint fluid, helping reduce the need for costly and painful HA injections.

LubriSyn Founder, Dr. Steven Allday CEO and the founder of Halstrum, Dr. Steven Allday, is a renowned race track veterinarian and the developer of LubriSyn. Dr. Allday grew up on a Maryland horse farm that included thoroughbreds, quarter horses and show horses. He cut his teeth working with and taking care of horses - and sometimes assisted the vets who visited the farm - including lameness expert Dr. Edwin A. Churchill.

After he finished his veterinary degrees (including Bachelor of Science degrees in Veterinary Science and Bio-Medical Science, and a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree), Steve became a practicing equine vet, working with both Dr. Churchill and lameness practitioner Dr. Kenneth Seeber. He as worked with elite thoroughbreds on nearly every track in the country, vetting and managing horses for Frank Stronach and Allen Paulson, among many others.

For more than 20 years, Dr. Allday has seen the benefits of using hyaluronic acid (HA) in equine athletes. "I wanted to find a way to keep HA levels consistent for better joint health," said Dr. Allday. "It is better to keep the horse healthy and competitive through a joint health maintenance program than to have downtime once joint damage has progressed."

Dr. Allday still works on a daily basis with thoroughbreds across the country. His passion for the natural health of horses extends across disciplines - in fact, he's picked up roping again and has spent time with Tyler Magnus and Charly Crawford getting the hang of the sport once again!


Daily Maintenance Load: Administer 15 ml once daily.

Initial Load Period: LubriSyn may be administered at double (30 ml) the daily maintenance level for an initial loading period of five days or more. Horses with joint health issues may benefit from an extended initial loading period of up to 14 days.

Pre-Performance Load: LubriSyn may be administered at double (30 ml) the daily maintenance level for a pre-performance loading period of three days or more.

Contraindications: There are no known contraindications for the use of LubriSyn oral gel in horses.

Toxicology: LubriSyn was administered at two, three and five times the recommended maintenance dosage of 75 mg daily for 90 days with no adverse effects upon hematology or clinical chemistry parameters observed.

Side Effects: There have been no local or systemic side effects observed in the field trials.


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